Cassidy says he loaned R. Kelly guns after Jay Z pepper spray incident in NYC


Philadelphia rapper Cassidy recently stopped by the studios and shared a gem of a story about the night in 2004 when R. Kelly got pepper sprayed by Jay Z’s bestie Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith.

As told in the video below, Cassidy says he was there that night to perform his and Kelly’s hit song “Hotel” when it all went crazy:

“Then they come back in there saying him and Jay Z went through something and R. Kelly got pepper sprayed or maced or something. Then a little while later, I see R. Kelly coming through, he running through, they trying to guard him. But, I ain’t really know what happened. I ain’t know it was Jay Z and them. All I know is he got maced and I was supposed to go on stage with him and it was f*cking up my night. So when his managers came back through, it was me and a couple of goons I was with. Them n*ggas was looking like they were at a disadvantage so, nah’mean, we passed them off a couple burners so they could feel better about themselves.”

Check out Cassidy speaking on the incident below.

TJ Armour
TJ Armour

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