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Wale punches a fan in the face at WWE event

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Everybody knows Wale can be a sensitive guy. The D.C. rapper got into a fracas in his hometown tonight and the tussle ended with a fan getting punched in the face. According to TMZ, Wale punched a heckler in the face at a WWE event–and yes, it apparently was real, not staged.

At a “WWE Raw” event in Washington, D.C., Wale was apparently sitting behind the announcers while watching the show. Journalist Jawn Murray reportedly told TMZ that some fan began to heckle Wale from his seat nearby. According to Murray, the fan eventually got out of his seat.

Murray says that “the next thing I know Wale is putting the smackdown on dude. Punched him dead in his face. It was a full fight.”

It is being reported that security rushed over immediately and broke up the fight. It doesn’t appear that any arrests were made, as Wale returned to his seat like it never happened. Soon after, the fan also reportedly returned to his seat.

More details as this develops.