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‘Basketball Wives L.A.’ episode 7 best moments

Brandi Telling Draya Why She's Not A Friend Yet

Draya Confronts Brandi About Their Friendship

Although some heart-to-hearts between Brittish, Brandi and Malaysia lead to some new found respect between the ladies, the opposite effect happens when Draya confronts Brandi about her comments that she’s only friendly with Draya and not really her friend. Brandi defends herself, saying that she’s only known Draya for 5 weeks and that she doesn’t throw the word friend around lightly anymore because she’s been burned by so-called friends in the past. However, Draya admittedly disregards everything else and only focuses on the fact that Brandi doesn’t consider her a friend yet, telling her that she shouldn’t come around anymore if she doesn’t see her as a friend already.


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