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‘Basketball Wives L.A.’ episode 7 best moments

Chantel Confronts Draya

Chantel Ambushes Draya

Although Draya is tired of talking about the apparent love triangle between her, Chantel and Orlando, Chantel is far from over the matter and is angry that Draya has been talking about her behind her back. Jackie wants the issue hashed out and devises a plan to have Chantel ambush Draya for a surprise confrontation. When Jackie executes the plan, Draya is immediately upset and claims this is why Jackie isn’t trustworthy. Chantel angrily badgers Draya for an explanation about why she’s been saying that it was Orlando’s friend that she was dating and not him, but Draya says that Jackie made her own daughter a conversation piece and that she’s only been repeating what others have told her. Chantel calls Draya a “petty b—-” but Draya insists that she doesn’t care because she has Orlando.


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