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Las Vegas Urban League’s Kevin Hooks speaks on SCOTUS’ campaign contribution ruling

The case of McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission was decided on Wednesday, April 2, in a 5-4 decision by the Supreme Court of the United States to strike down aggregate limits on campaign contributions to candidates and party committees in federal elections.

I am shocked and disappointed by the court’s decision to strike down aggregate contribution limits in our federal campaign finance laws.

This pronouncement all but ensures the silence of the average voter and further tries to silence the voice of the underserved.

Campaign finance laws were established to protect the integrity as well as the fairness of our democracy. Economics should not determine the value of one’s vote in America. The Constitution is clear that each vote cast in an election would be weighted with equal value.

Without set regulations our democracy will be put at unimaginable risks. The authors of the Declaration of Independence stated firmly that governments derive ‘their just powers from the consent of the governed,’ which includes even the small voices of those who struggle economically.

The Urban League will continue to fight for the empowerment of our communities; we will not stop because of this set back. If anything, my commitment to the Las Vegas community is stronger and my vision is clearer on where we go from here.

As a community, I ask that you not lose faith and confidence in the system, but rather join us in this battle for equality amongst all Americans.

Yours in the movement,

Kevin E. Hooks
President and CEO
Las Vegas Urban League