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Salon owner denies Lil Scrappy’s racism allegations

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Earlier this week, Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon found themselves immersed in drama after Scrappy accused an Atlanta salon of being racist and ruining their daughter’s birthday when they refused to serve them for being late. Now, the owner of Glamour Girls Day Spa has responded to Scrappy’s claims and alleges that he’s lying about what happened during the heated incident.

As previously reported, Scrappy claims that he, Dixon and their daughter, Emani, showed up 20 minutes past their reservation for their appointment, the salon owner refused to let them in.

Scrappy began to complain to the owner and cited the down payment he’d made, but the owner, who is white, allegedly told Scrappy that the salon didn’t want to serve “you people.” After the police were called, Scrappy demanded his money back and the shop gave him half of it with the promise that the other half would be sent in the mail.

However, Angela Shannon, the owner of Glamour Girls, says that cancellation had nothing to do with race and everything to do with timeliness. Shannon claims that Scrappy and his family were two hours late for their reservation and that they had to cancel their appointment to accommodate the other clients who were waiting.

Shannon also denies that she only gave Scrappy half of the refund, claiming that she refunded him the full price, $275.42, and has proof that she did so.

Well, we’re not sure exactly what happened on the fateful day but there’s a good chance we might see more of the story during the upcoming season of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” – nicholas robinson