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Drake blasted for giving NFL’s Johnny Manziel suggestive shoulder rub

drake and johnnyDrake makes himself such an easy target; a guy who unwittingly puts himself in the line of fire with uncanny frequency because of his peculiar choices and behavior.

Sometimes, however, the multiplatinum Young Money rapper does nothing that warrants being demeaned; yet he gets pummeled anyway.

The latest episode involves his close friendship with incoming NFL juggernaut Johnny Manziel. When Drizzy was captured on camera rubbing the shoulders of the controversial quarterback during the NCAA basketball Final Four in Arlington, Texas, it was akin to starting the Fourth of July fireworks display. (Then again, I know for a fact that the vast majority of Drake critics would sell their own parents into bondage to have access to athletes the way he does).

You wouldn’t believe what some Twitter respondents had to say about Drake’s shoulder rubdown of Manziel. But, then again, you probably do by now. Take a look for a few quick laughs.


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