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Bay Area teen from the ‘streets’ earns 5.0 GPA, headed to the Ivy League


An Oakland, Calif., teenager has beat the odds to earn a spot at an Ivy League school.

According to KGO-TV, 17-year-old Akintunde Ahmad earned a 5.0 GPA and scored 2100 on the SAT while living in one of the toughest cities in the nation.

Ahmad describes himself as a regular “street” dude from Oakland. While growing up, his brother and four of their friends were shot at a party. Ahmad could’ve been a victim himself, but he chose to stay home that night to finish an essay.

Although Ahmad dealt with issues that are often hard on inner-city youth, he remained focused on his studies and received guidance from his mother, the principal of Piedmont Avenue Elementary.

Ahmad is also an accomplished baseball player, but his academic achievements will be his ticket to success. Ivy League schools such as Yale, Columbia and Brown have all accepted Ahmad.

He is currently choosing between Yale and Brown to study pre-med or pre-law.

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  1. visions on April 9, 2014 at 12:23 am

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    Its no accident, or act of fate that this young man would shine academically. Black people are more than capable achievers. My oldest daughter was accepted to Brown and Georgetown among many top colleges. She choose Georgetown. She attended elementary school in Oakland with a great African American female teacher. These high achieving African American students are not exceptional to any other Black student. There are innumberable very capable students of their caliber who can and will attend top schools given the chance and opportunity by a larger society who do not proport the mentality of President Davis. My youngest daughter was accepted to UCLA. Everytime she sent out an app a week later the colleges responded with an acceptance letter. “We” choose an HBCU because she wanted attendence with Black students and she loves it. Now, she is finishing her first year at the college of veterinary medicine while finishing her last year of undergrad. She has worked in outstanding internships all over the country. We are ordinary Black people. The key is to believe “success is the greatest revenge”. That’s the message I gave my daughters to live by into all their generations. I told them when they see grades on their report cards, ask yourselves if the name on that document represents who you are. If that’s all you can do, I’ll take that. But, I no you can do more than ordinary. I know you can perform extraodinarily. Its up to you. Each of them were in gifted classes, on high honor and advanced prep. We were struggling at times. But, I told them they had to make it not because of a struggle, but inspite of it. There are Black achievers everywhere, under rocks and knocked about. But, one’s plight in life has nothing to do with their capabilities and meeting future goals.

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    Please read these historical websites for further enlightenment: