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Man almost divorced his wife because she now sports natural hair


Imagine the mortification and humiliation the wife must have felt when, upon her husband walking in and seeing her natural hair for the first time, actually runs out of the house.

This is precisely the scenario that unfolded between husband and wife, McClea and Love.

“She looked like a totally different person,” husband McClea said defensively.

The couple agreed to appear on the “Steve Harvey Show” to air out their grievances regarding her radical switch from weaves to natural hair and his repulsion to her kinky, natural hair.

Love on her husband’s initial reaction to her natural hair

“We’ve been together nine years. About two, three years ago I decided to go natural. Not on purpose, but I had this weave in my hair and the weave went bad. After I cut it all off, I had no choice but to wear this. The first time he saw it, he ran out the house and then he came back in and asked if it was a wig, and if so to take it off. He wasn’t very supportive of it actually.”

McClea defends himself.

“My wife’s a very beautiful woman as you can see, but when I first met her she had the Brazilian weave down her booty and that’s all she ever wore. When she first took it out it was just shocking to me. I was surprised; she looked like a different person …

Well I’m over the shock. I understand that natural hair takes time. It takes time to grow out. And like I said, it’s not something that I’m used to, but I just wish there was more styles she could do with it so it could be more appealing. Something different because there’s not many styles she can with her hair like this so I just tell her that.”

Steve Harvey finally interjects to bring levity and sanity to the situation: 

“You’re about to get your skull opened up. McClea, what’s wrong with this whole thing is you can’t be any more wrong with your approach. You cannot at no point, in the relationship with a woman, say or make them feel unattractive. You’ve got to find another way to express yourself because the idea behind staying happy, the big thing behind it, a lot of times is support. You’ve got to find another way to say what you’re saying. You can’t run out the house. You can’t sit on the edge of the bed and look at her like she stay down the street somewhere. You can’t have that much gap between y’all on the couch. You’ve got to be a little bit more understanding that this is who you married and at the bottom line, they have a choice. It’s theirs. It ain’t your damn head. All you did is put a ring on that finger. This ain’t yours. You don’t get her head. And plus I want you to be able to get out of here safely. Because right now, the way they’re (the audience) looking at you, I’m assuming there are at least four to five attempts on your life.”

The wife offered up that it was, in fact, her fault, because she had never let her husband see her with her weave off during the entire courtship or marriage, producing the shocking reaction from him.

Harvey then quelled the mane madness by having models with trimmed tresses display natural looks that were appealing to the husband.

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  1. Atither on April 10, 2014 at 3:14 am

    Shame on you Rolling out. Not once in the episode did this man say or even insinuate that he was about to divorce his wife because of her hair!! Yes, he expressed his discontent. However, that is a far cry from divorce. Do better!!!!!