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5 facts about high school stabber Alex Hribal

alex hribalPolice have identified Alex Hribal, 16, as the suspect in a mass stabbing April 9 at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pa. Twenty-four people were injured in the attack, including 21 students who were stabbed. Eventually, police say, Hribal was wrestled to the ground by the school’s assistant principal, Sam King, and a security guard.

One student, Ian Griffith, told WPXI: I was in the school, and I came down the stairs, and I saw the kid. Mr. King was yelling at him, and I didn’t know why. I saw him stab Sarge, the officer. We both jumped on top of him and immobilized him.

Police have yet to disclose a motive that could have sparked the attack. But here are five things that we do know about Hribal:  

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