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White House photos of the week

 White House photos this week - Obama getting update on Affordable Care Act in the Oval Office

President Barack Obama and the White House staff had an extremely busy week. Obama started off the month keeping close tabs on the progress of the Affordable Care Act also known as ObamaCare, which U.S. citizens seem to be divided on whether it will do more hurt than help. After a quick trip to Michigan, President Obama headed back to the Oval Office to pass H.R. 2019, the “Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act” which ends taxpayer contributions to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund and diverts the money in that fund to pay for research into pediatric cancer through the National Institutes of Health.

Early Monday morning, President Obama headed to Bladensburg, Md., to deliver remarks at Bladensburg High School, returned to meet with his chief of staff, Denis McDonough, and counselor to the president, John Podesta, before heading out to Killeen, Texas with first lady Michelle Obama to attend the memorial service for the victims of the Fort Hood shootings.

What a busy week! Take a look at President Obama and more White House photos in our gallery.