Elderly ‘make it rain’ on fixed income at nursing home strip show

Nursing home stripper in action
Nursing home stripper in action

As shocking as it may seem to some, senior citizens still like to have a little naughty fun. The seniors at East Neck Nursing and Rehabilitation center voted to have a male stripper visit the facility. A picture is shown with one senior citizen, Bernice Youngblood, age 95, putting dollar bills in the underwear of a male stripper, with plenty more in her fist to spend it seems. The family of the elderly woman says it was outrageous and that their mother suffers from dementia and should not have been subjected to these actions. Franklin Youngblood stated he was shocked to find a photo of the incident in his mother’s room. “None of y’all would want this done to your parents. She doesn’t deserve this; it’s wrong and I don’t care what anybody says, it shouldn’t be done,” said Youngblood.

The nursing home says the residents voted on the event.  A 16-member committee of residents voted to have the event,but it was voluntary to participate. The attorney for the nursing home, Howard Fensterman, stated “This place is home for these people; they are free to attend of their own volition.” For now, the nursing home is facing a lawsuit from the Youngblood family.

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