Tiny Harris, Dwight Eubanks dish on ‘The Real Hair Stylists of Atlanta’

The Real Hairstylists of Atlanta

“The Real Hairstylists of Atlanta” press conference

Atlantans should prepare for yet another reality TV show centered on the city and its colorful occupants. Tiny Harris and Dwight Eubanks recently introduced the press to the producers for their forthcoming “The Real Hair Stylists of Atlanta” show detailing the lives of local beauticians, makeup artists and wardrobe stylists.

The cast, which will include Nicki Minaj’s former wig stylist Terrence Davidson, is currently being shopped to different networks and is executive produced by Tiny,  Shante Traynham and Mimi Carpenter.

According to Eubanks, the program will first highlight hairstylists in Atlanta before expanding across the country.

“I’ve been around for a very long time and this is the fabric of the industry when it comes to Atlanta, Georgia and fashion. I’m so privileged to be a part of the amazing team,” said Eubanks.

“The first [“Real Hair Stylists of Atlanta”] reality show is being filmed right here in Atlanta, Georgia. From there we go to L.A., Miami and New York. [It will show] real hairstylists for those different areas, showing us doing this [work] all over the world in Dubai, Africa, Milan, Paris and Russia. ”


Tiny Harris noted that while some people may think that Atlanta has become over saturated with reality shows ranging from the “Real Housewives” to “Love & Hip Hop,” she believes that it speaks to the city’s status as a power player in music and television.

“Atlanta is just popping; I don’t think I would say it’s over saturated. It’s winning!” Harris told rolling out. “Why stop something that you know is going great? The city is winning when it comes to TV and music; Atlanta is that city now. I think people have to come to the realization that we’re here.”


Check out more photos from the “Real Hair Stylists of Atlanta” press conference below. -danielle canada

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