The Game says Tiffney Cambridge brainwashing his kids to turn on him

The Game & Family 1

The love saga between The Game and his ex-fiancée, Tiffney Cambridge, went from bad to worse last month when Cambridge accused The Game of beating her and breaking her nose during a heated argument. Game is now under police investigation and the former couple has been estranged ever since. But now The Game is alleging that Cambridge is brainwashing their two children into thinking he’s a bad father.

Earlier this week, The Game vented  his frustrations on Instagram (before deleting the posts) and claimed that their young daughter, Cali, has been repeating some negative comments about her father.

“1st off, I’d like to say.. Before you read this, I’d like to say I love my fans & sometimes venting to you guys is my ONLY therapy. The moment i decided to be famous… I waived the right to privacy & surrendered myself to my music & my fans….. & to be honest, I try to keep most of it in on some G s–t but everyone has a BREAKING POINT & my weakness is my children. Loving them too much has turned them into weapons to be used against me. & I say that to say, today I am……. LUCKY: I got to spend Easter & eat lunch with my 1st born. UN-LUCKY: haven’t got to spend time with both of my younger kids in over a month. FACTS: My 3 year old daughter told my mom that her mother told her that I am very bad man & a terrible father furthermore brainwashing Cali to harbor hate towards me preventing her from even wanting to speak to me. 3 year olds just don’t make these things up,” The Game wrote.

And that’s not all that The Game had to say about Cambridge and their family drama. Check out his other message after the cut. –nicholas robinson

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