Sundy Carter and other shameless mistresses


Shameless mistresses

On Monday’s “Basketball Wives L.A.” reunion, viewers will see Sundy Carter admit her wrongdoing in calling Draya Michele’s young son a “pansy.” Her shameful diss to the adolescent caused Michele to snap and left Carter’s eye blackened.

“And I apologize for speaking about her son,” said Carter. “I just wanna say that. I was emotional. I was … you know, irate at the time and I was very out of line for saying that … her kid didn’t have anything to do with it.”

What they won’t see, however, is any remorse from the fame driven socialite about her previous affair with married NBA player Larry Hughes. Her time with the taken man resulted in the birth of her 6-year-old daughter, one of the “three healthy children” she taunted fellow basketball wife Brandi Maxiell with. Maxiell, who survived a bout with ovarian cancer, has been struggling to conceive and is trying in-vitro fertilization.

“When two people are adults and they have a mutual understanding … I didn’t get pregnant by myself, I didn’t impregnate myself,” said Carter. “I won’t go deep into that. It’s not off limits but it’s just really irrelevant.”


“It wasn’t immaculate conception and, therefore, I’m really strong when I speak, ” she added. “I’m probably getting a little loud; when I think about my 6-year-old, I’m like ‘hold up we made this six year old together and we knowingly did this and this is what it is.”

Like Carter, there are several other celebrity mistresses who’ve stopped short of issuing an apology for their behavior and instead noted that it just “is what it is.”

We previously noted that Kim Zolciak, LeAnn Rimes and Mary Jane Miller were open bout their exploits with married men; check out other shameless mistresses below. -danielle canada

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