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Paul Walker’s car collection up for sale


Paul Walker’s famous car collection goes up for sale

Several months following the horrific car crash that took the life of  Paul Walker, one of Hollywood’s biggest and  brightest starts, his estate clamors to auction off his property.

According to TMZ,

“Walker’s exotic car shop, Always Evolving, is working with the estate to organize the sale which has already begun, but we’re told the estate felt Paul wouldn’t want his name, or the infamy of his fatal crash, to be used to jack up prices.”

About 30 cars, including several high-end BMW’s, Audi’s, Mustangs, and a hand full of Porsche’s will go up for private sale through high-end brokers in the very near future.

Unfortunately for fans, Walker’s car collection, which includes many of the vehicles made famous by the Fast and Furious installments, are just out of reach. – ruthie hawkins/@ruubabie