EJ Johnson thankful his parents accept his sexuality

EJ Johnson - Bethenny Cover

Few other coming out stories were more inspiring last year than that of EJ Johnson, the son of NBA legend Magic Johnson, who came out to widespread praise from fans and, most importantly, the praise and support of his family. During a recent stop on “Bethenny,” EJ discussed his coming out story and explained how thankful he is for his family’s support.

While chatting with host Bethenny Frankel, EJ was asked his parents’ reaction to his sexuality, to which he maintained that they’ve been nothing but loving to him.

“They were very supportive and I’m blessed that they supported me since day one and they never stopped loving me. They’re always there for me. And they certainly encouraged me to be myself. And express myself. And I love it,” said EJ

And when Frankel asked EJ if he was born gay or not, he explained that he had no choice in the matter.

“Yeah, I don’t think, you know, anything shaped it or [it was] anything from society or nature. It was certainly something that I always feel that I was. … And my parents could see that too,” EJ explained.

As always, we’re glad that Magic and his wife, Cookie, have shown their son nothing but unconditional love and we hope that they’re love for their son inspires other parents to be as accepting and open-minded when it comes to their LGBT kids.  nicholas robinson



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