Master P accuses his wife of abusing drugs, she responds

Master P & Sonya Miller - Cover

The split between Master P and his estranged wife, Sonya Miller, is getting uglier. Miller is currently seeking 37 percent of Master P’s approximately $178 million in assets. Her court documents list the assets as including 31 real estate properties, 14 cars and almost 50 registered companies. But Master P spoke to TMZ about the divorce settlement and claimed that he doesn’t care about the money — he cares about the fact that Sonya is allegedly a drug addict.

“Drugs is [sic] really killing a lot of families and I’m not going to let it destroy my family,” P told TMZ. “I don’t need to talk about it. We don’t need no [sic] judgment, no lawyers. My whole thing is, she can have it all if she get herself together. That’s what it’s about. It’s about these kids. It’s about our family.

“I hope that she get it together and she can take care of my kids,” he also said. “I’ve got a million things to do. Now I got to play daddy and momma right now.”

Miller responded to the No Limit Records mogul’s allegations, telling TMZ ran that P, born Percy Miller, brainwashed her children against her. She also says that she isn’t an addict and that she hasn’t ever done drugs in front of her children.

“When I filed divorce, that’s when he came and took my kids,” Miller says. “I was the one dealing with and raising those seven kids when he was running the streets.”

“I love my family,” Master P said. “That’s my kids’ mother. I just think that people don’t realize she put us in this position where [our] business is out in the public, so we got to deal with it.”

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