White woman offers virginity to highest bidder online

Elizabeth Raine
Elizabeth Raine

Elizabeth Raine, 27, has something to sell to the highest bidder: her virginity. The young medical student has even put up a website,, with a description of herself, pictures and why she is not a prostitute but an intelligent woman working her way through medical school. On her website she gives four reasons why she is still a virgin:

Reason 1. First, I am free-spirited and fiercely independent, almost to a fault.

Reason 2. Despite my spirited nature, I have never desired to lose my virginity offhandedly. I do not harbor the usual virginity ideals, quite obviously, but I would like to be able to reflect on my first time with a private smile. A foolish notion? I no longer think so.

Reason 3. I do dislike conformity. The flurry of my social circles centers on early virginity loss and trite encounters. I am the last to judge, but this is just not my style and I am lucky in my immunity to social influences. In fact, it pleases me to view my virginity as a small feat of social rebellion.

Reason 4. Lastly, I am already in the midst of a love affair…..with medicine. This truly perfect career fully engages me intellectually and also brings to my life the enrichment that can only be gained through encounters with people. Nevertheless, you can see how it is easy to work a tad too hard.

Now if you think that she is a prostitute, she basically agrees with you stating, “I don’t think I really care. I suppose I could dodge the label if I tried, but at the very least I have agreed to an undeniable act of prostitution. ..There are truly all sorts of prostitutes (sadly many are very oppressed, but some like me are not) and lumping them all together and condemning them all equally serves no right purpose.”

According to Raine’s website, the current bid is at $550,000, whether this is a bargain depends on if the bidder agrees to a few rules. Raine states the winning bidder, “shall not: be under the influence of alcohol or of any drugs, penetrate the anus or treat her violently.” As of today, bids are still open on this virgin.

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