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Karrine Steffans on V. Stiviano: ‘She records everything’

V. Stiviano has become a household name and the subject of much scrutiny in the wake of the scandal involving billionaire Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and the recording of racist comments that he made. V. Stiviano is the woman on those recordings and is believed to have leaked the audio to the media, resulting in Sterling being banned from the NBA for life and on the verge of losing the Clippers completely. Stiviano was interviewed by Barbara Walters this past week and revealed that she does not believe Sterling to be a “real racist” because of his charitable organizations that benefit African American and Latino youth.

During a recent interview with Radar Online, notorious former hip-hop groupie and author, Karrine Steffans (aka Superhead), was asked to offer her perspective on Stiviano —whom she says she’s known for years. According to Steffans, Donald Sterling’s former mistress keeps a record of virtually everything and everyone with whom she comes in contact.

“I know that V writes a lot down; she records everything; she’s an archivist, there are always things in her head,” Steffans said. “That’s who she is. She has her very own way of seeing things. V will write a book one day.”

Steffans went on to say that Stiviano appears to want to distance herself from this particular scandal going forward.

“She’s said ‘When I do write a book, it’s not going to be about this,'” Steffans added. “But V says a lot of things; like she told me she would become president and wanted to be the mayor, which is weird.”


  1. butter bean sugar on May 7, 2014 at 11:06 pm

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  2. Stayce~Michelle on May 9, 2014 at 1:39 pm