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Lil Boosie on his life changes: ‘I’m not allowed to get help?’

Boosie at Compound 8Lil Boosie is happy and focused on his career, which are both positive developments for the Louisiana-based hip-hop star following his release from prison back in February. Speaking to Vlad TV, Boosie explained just how much his life has changed since his release and revealed that drugs and trouble are no longer par for the course.

“Well, I don’t do drugs anymore,” Boosie said. “That’s what I went to jail for. Third offense marijuana and firearms. So, you know, I don’t do drugs no more. I’m more focused, man. Drugs lead to all kind of other bad consequences that come with that. You know? I’m not breaking no rules. I’m drug free. All I want to do is focus on my career. And you know I don’t hang around certain people anymore. My circle’s small. I’m around positive people. But everything is instilled in me not to get in trouble anymore. Like it’s instilled in me that I’m not going back to that place. So, ain’t nothing negative coming around me. … So, long as I keep this mentality, I’mma be successful and stay out of trouble.”

Boosie, born Torrence Hatch, also expressed anger over the fact that he was sentenced to prison for a drug offense, as opposed to rehab. He says his anger at his sentence led to his reckless behavior while in prison, which included the rapper being convicted of attempting to smuggle codeine into the facility.

“It made me angry cause I went to jail so angry, man … that’s why I was doing the stupid acts,” he said. “I was doing — getting drugs in the prison. And every day I was high. I was just going through it, man. I was like, ‘Damn, I’m not allowed to go to rehab? I’m a user. I like to get high. I ain’t got caught with no 20 pounds or trafficking. I got caught with 4 grams. I’m a user. Get me help. I’m not allowed to get help? I’m not allowed to get probation to get another chance?’ ”

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