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5 must-have curly-centric products for naturalistas

Natural curly hair girls have two things in common: curly hair, and lots of products for curly hair. Every curl has its own unique ability to be just that, different. With no curl being the same, and so many curl patterns and textures, there’s a plethora of products from which to choose, but not every product is suited for your curls. Even if the package is designed with words like “For Curly Hair,” proceed with caution. Be sure to stay away from shampoos and conditioners with silicone and sulfate lathering detergents — even if it is on sale. Silicone causes build up which can only be removed with sulfate and sulfate will dry out your hair. Got it?

Here are some curly hair products we love from brands like Mixed Chicks, Shea Moisture, Dark and Lovely Au Naturale, Design Essentials and Moroccan Oil. Now you know what to look for when you’re shopping Target, Walmart and your local beauty store. Share with us your favorite natural curly hair products, where you get them from and why.


Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Antibreakage Strength Restoring Conditioner 13.5 oz $9.99


Mixed Chicks Sulfate Free Shampoo 10 oz. $14.99


Shea Moisture Raw Shea Shampoo 13 fl oz. $8.99


Design Essentials Natural Moisturizing Conditioner 8 oz. $15.99


Moroccon Oil Hydrating Conditioner 8.5 oz $22.80