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Janelle Monae and Beyoncé’s Instagram photos from the Met Gala

Beyoncé Janelle Monae Lupita N'yongo Rolling Out Joi Pearson-7

Janelle Monae, Beyoncé, Erykah Badu and Solange found a few minutes during the Met Gala in New York  to snap a few selfies for Instagram. You can tell that they all had a great time and loved every minute that the #electricladies were able to spend together. Check out more photos from Monae and Beyoncé’s Instagram in the gallery. Joi Pearson @joiapearson

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  1. butter bean sugar on May 7, 2014 at 9:32 pm

    lupita sure looks a mess her and solange on this picture … but she is rich now and able to hug beyonce who cares what the rest of us think anyway ….there is something so humbling about a chick who can make the average girl look like a diamond in the rough beautiful