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Jay Ellis dishes on his role as Blue on BET’s ‘The Game’

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Jay Ellis dishes on playing Blue on BET’s ‘The Game’

Actor Jay Ellis recently dished to rolling out about his role as Bryce “The Blueprint” Westbook on BET’s “The Game.” The college grad, who worked odd jobs while initially pursuing modeling in L.A., shared that he and his character have some similarities but some differences as well.

“He’s cockier than I am. Blue’s way cooler than I am. I’m way more of a nerd than Blue. I think that there has to be some of him in me for me to be able to do it and do it believably. I think it’s something that I’ve really learned,” he said.

Ellis also went into his personal life and shared that while he’s single, there is a certain type of woman that catches his eye.

“[She is] strong, confident, she’ll tell me to sit down, she’ll tell me to shut up in a polite, respectful way — but [she’s] a lover too. I definitely want to be with a woman who is vulnerable and can be vulnerable,” Ellis said.

Check out our interview with Jay Ellis below. –danielle canada