Kenya Moore appears on ‘Watch What Happens Live,’ says Porsha Williams was not provoked


Kenya Moore appears on “Watch What Happens Live”

Kenya Moore told her side of her hair-pulling fight with Porsha Williams Sunday during an episode of Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live.” The beauty queen, who’s been vilified for provoking her fellow housewife, defended her actions to host Andy Cohen and even accused him of siding with her co-star.

“I think when you take the side of someone who has attacked someone and for someone to say ‘she made me do it or she deserved that,’ I think it’s a sad commentary for people who would take her side in that,” said Moore.

She also dug into Williams’ comments that she was “bullied” by her cast mate who used a scepter and a bullhorn to taunt her. According to Moore, she believes she was set up by her cast mates to be attacked.

“I think by definition, a bully is someone who torments a weaker person,” said Moore. “I think that term is not appropriate here. I don’t think the props had anything to do with being provocative at all. I think there was a plan in place prior to the reunion to come attack me. I think to say that the props were brought to antagonize Porsha is silly.”

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“I didn’t have a problem with Porsha this entire year,” she added. “We’ve never gotten into a huge knock-down, drag-out fight. She wasn’t someone I even planned to have an issue with at the reunion. My issues were with NeNe and my issues were with Phaedra. Porsha was not even a thought to me.”

Then during a tense moment on the program, Moore gave Cohen a reality check and hinted that he may have played favorites and “stacked the cards” against her.

“If I can be honest, I don’t think you’ll even air it because it’s too honest,” said the housewife. “First off, the way that she fell to the ground, screaming and kicking like a two year-old after she attacked me, then to be constantly treated like a baby, coddled and treated like a wounded little bird … when that wounded little bird grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to the ground, clearly meaning to hurt me… that is not a wounded person that has been bullied, that is a person that intentionally came to do harm. She’s always been aggressive towards me, but people don’t remember those things. Or they refuse to see those things. How does a 32 year-old woman on a reality show that has a mouth the size of hers and the things that come out of her mouth ever say that she was bullied?” she added.

“To show flashbacks of that, that tempered the audience’s reaction. That’s the truth. Had you leveled the playing field and shown the moments where she was aggressive towards me, you wouldn’t have gotten the reaction you did. You stacked the deck of cards against me.”

Check out Kenya Moore’s “Watch What Happens Live” interview in its entirety here.

-danielle canada

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