Lash out; 3 self-adhesive eyelashes to love


One sure way to liven up your look is by getting a professional facial, but that’s not always in the cards. What you can do, affordably, to transform your look, is apply false lashes … DIY style. Self-adhesive eyelashes have a few advantages over drop-ins and individual lash extensions which can be costly, take some time to complete, and can get pretty messy with all that glue. These self-adhesive lashes have three simple steps for you to follow; peel, apply and go. Don’t forget though, apply black eyeliner first so that your new falsies will blend in with your natural lashes. You’re welcome.


Revlon Fantasy Lengths

Latex free and no allergens, these falsies will upgrade your look in a matter of seconds.


Ardell Self Adhesive 110s

These pre-glued lashes are great for newbies and minimalists who have short and simple beauty regimens. It’s available in six different styles.


Andrea Redi-Lash Self-Adhesive Lashes

Located on the corner of happy and healthy, you can purchase these lashes at Walgreens. You gotta love your local drug store-pharmacy.

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