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College graduates arrested for refusing to pull up their pants at Waffle House


Two recent college graduates where arrested for refusing to pull up their pants while at a Waffle House in Spartanburg, South Carolina. According to reports, Andrew Gehring and Donovan Johnson went to Waffle House to celebrate their graduation from Wofford College early Saturday morning.

However, a security guard at the restaurant confronted the two because their boxers shorts were showing due to saggy pants. The security guard told the two men to leave because of the saggy pants and an argument ensued.

Police eventually arrived on the scene and Gehring and Johnson told police they were recent college grads looking to enjoy themselves after graduating.

The security guard told police the two men were trespassing and wanted them off the property. After 10 minutes without being able to find a ride home, the police arrested Gehring and Johnson and charged them with public disorderly conduct.

Several conservative cities and states have banned saggy pants in public. While saggy pants can be viewed as tacky, the ordinance on saggy pants allows police officers to stop and frisk individuals without warrant or probable cause. The arrest and charge can also decrease employment opportunities for those who are arrested and charged.

Gehring and Johnson were released from jail later that evening.

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  1. Inquizative on June 4, 2014 at 10:21 am

    Please young men, pull your pants up. It’s offensive, lewd and indecent to show your underwear in public. Underwear are meant to keep natural body waste from seeping through onto your clothing. They are not meant as fashion statements.