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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ episode 4 best moments

Karlie Discovers Jocs Mistress

Karlie Redd Discovers Yung Joc’s Other Woman

After their blowup last week, Karlie manages to win Joc back with, not surprisingly, hot makeup sex – and lots of it. With their relationship back on track, Joc takes Karlie to see the house he plans on buying for them. But things go awry when Karlie learns that Joc’s real estate agent, Khaidya, who is also his driver, stylist and tax preparer, will be showing them the home. When Karlie and Khadiya are alone, Karlie bluntly asks Khadiya if she’s sleeping with Joc and she replies “yes.” The episode ends with Karlie swinging her bag at Khadiya and the two of them start to fight.


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