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Charlamagne Tha God: Jay Z was ‘patient’ for not hitting Solange

Charlamagne Tha God of New York's famous radio show "Breakfast Club."

Outspoken “Breakfast Club” member Charlamagne Tha God recently gave his perspective on the Jay Z and Solange altercation that occurred earlier this month. Speaking to VladTV, Charlamagne praised Jay’s demeanor as his sister-in-law Solange punched and kicked him in an elevator at the Standard Hotel in New York City.

“I mean the Jay Z-Solange fight, all it did was reinforce what I already knew in that Jay Z is the coolest, calmest, most patient, strategic guy we’ve probably ever seen in hip-hop,” he said. “It’s a lot of dudes I know—matter of fact, it’s not one dude I know who hasn’t said, ‘If that was me’ they wouldn’t have knocked her a– out. If that was me, I’d have knocked her a– out. I’d have choked her. I’d have did something. For him just to show us the Tae Bo I guess that Nas said he had learned back in the day and blocking all them blows was dope. It showed a lot of patience man. It’s funny ‘cause I always say, Jay Z showed a whole generation of dudes how to move and probably doesn’t even know it. We [were] raised on Jay Z. Just to see him in that situation, not lose his cool was dope. And it shows that he’s really from the street ‘cause he’s probably been in worse situations. He knew that wasn’t no threat. ‘This my little sister swinging on me.’ He really supposed to beat her up? Beat the s— out of her? No.”

Charlamagne said that the public reaction highlighting what he considers a double standard in the way we view domestic violence.

“It brought up the good conversation of double standards because if that was the other way around, Jay Z would have been public enemy #1 right now,” he said. “Every sports agent in America would have been on ESPN saying he’s a terrible sports agent and nobody should sign with him ‘cause he puts his hands on women. A lot of his endorsements [and] people would probably be separating themselves right now. He’d definitely be getting charges pressed on him. But when a woman hits on men it’s like … a joke, ‘Oh, Solange beat up Jay Z.’ Solange didn’t beat up Jay Z. Or yeah, he had it coming.”

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  1. butter bean sugar on May 24, 2014 at 9:55 pm

    WOW TRUTH SAID .. isaid the exact thing he said .. if jayz had even hitt her back he would have been chris browned by endorsers and everyone … now it makes you look at the chris brown situation a litle deeper what if rihanna really was the first to hit or what if she was pinching him or spit on him or choiked him first and we just saw her photos as a result of his retaliation .. i mean we all jumped on the same wagon .now it makes you look at domestic violence a whole new way .. a lot of brothers will not go to jail …and a lot of sister will realize the dangers of hitting a man .. you just dont do that .. not cause he didnt deserve a slapp you just dont know what the out come for you could be a woman is not pretty with a black eye or broke teeth .. a man can survive … an not only that its not proper to put a man in that position to have to sit in jail cause you cant control your rage , some women lie and scratch their selve and say a man did it … remember the movie . THIN LINE BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE I KNOW A WOMAN LIKE THAT WOMAN… WHO PUT A MAN IN JAIL AFTER SHE CUT HER OWN ARM UP .. I MEAN SOCIETY SEES A MAN HITTING A WOMAN AS THE WORST AND IT IS .. BUT WOMEN NEED TO BE MORE RESPONSIBLE YOU DONT HAVE TO HIT TO BE MADD .. WE HAVE enough problems with domestic abuse where men are just beaters ..and will beat a woman just for nothing .. thats a batterer .,but women can get wreckless too trust me .