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White police officer kills Hispanic man, Latino community outraged (graphic video)

Police in Salinas, CA shooting suspect

Police shoot suspect in Salinas, California

In the third shooting in 90 days, police officers in Salinas, California, committed what some are calling an example of “extra-judicial execution.

According to police reports, a woman called 911 to state that a man jumped over her backyard fence and tried to kill her dog. Apparently the man also exposed his genitals and then ran away. Police quickly responded and found a Hispanic male walking down the sidewalk. The police surrounded the man with drawn weapons but the suspect kept walking. An officer can be seen walking up to the suspect and shooting him in the head.

Police claim that the man lunged at them and that is why he was shot. However, thanks to a cellphone video, once again the police story does not match up to what can be seen.

The killing has sparked outrage and cries of brutality not only from local residents, but even internationally. The Arab news organization Al-Jazeera has even posted the video. Even though the shooting occurred on May 20, 2014, the police have not released the name of the dead suspect.

The video can be seen below:

Warning: Graphic content


  1. butter bean sugar on May 24, 2014 at 12:27 am

    WE ALL saw the video and he clearly walked up like a thugg and shot that helpless man in the head , this also brings about the question of the mentally ill people out there is this they way they handle a mental ill person this man could have been schezhranic or bi polar or better yet … deaf , or … and couldnt hear , he could have been blind .. if he had been black he would have shout a lot sooner … cops are just plain dirty .. and they always going to a school trying to tell kids how good PEOPLE EY ARE I WOULD NOT AFTER SEEING THIS WANT MY KIDS TO GO TO SCHOOL IF I KNEW A COP WAS COMING IN TO TALK TO THEM .. THIS IS AN OUT RIGHT MURDER .. THAT COP SHOULD BE PUT ON SUSPENSION IMMEDIATLY HE POST A DANGER IF ON THE STREETS … and they wonder why they investigate every shooting if no one had filmed it his lie and the other officers would have lied … they just forget cellphones are everywhere thank god …. they didnt even have the camera in the car on .oviously those ladies were real madd as most of us WHO WITNESSED THIS WOULD BE THATS WHY BLACK MEN DO EVERYTHING THEY ARE ASKED CAUSE THESE EX MILITARY COPS WHO SEEN MANY KILLINGS AND KILLED MANY IN IRAQ … THEY ARE THE ONES GETTING THESE COP JOBS .. THE SAME ONES WHO GET ACRAZY CHECK MONTHLY FROM THE MILITARY is given a badge cause they have been exposed to ruthless killings iraq ..

    they dont give these jobs to just any high school grad or college grad 9o percent of police were ex military the women cops to . . they are immune to murder and killing … they been desensitized .. and this is the fear we have of them the little secret ..
    if you graduate high school and try to get a cop job will be turned down . they want military only for those jobs …
    for combat etc.. all the swat team is ex military …
    its a shame .. obama need to change all this ,, he need it so a cop would have a harder test to pass to get a badge such as test on immigration , they need to all speak spanish and english .. they need to all be forced to read black history literture so they can learn about the civil rights erra and understand black folks more .. they need to take a nursing classes so they can tell the difference between a mentally ill or blind person or a person who is outta control .. that man he shot was scared .. and he was probably not very communitive … slow in other words . the lady that was shouting at the cops did right .she let them know she saw them and how borbaric that was of them cowardly to shoot an unarm man in the hear it was 3 cops there they could have taken him to the ground they didnt want to get filt on them from the man .. all it is .. he probably smell bad and was filty or had hiv … and instead of pining him to the ground ..which is their job the shoot him like … YOU KILL A SNAKE AND HAVE SOMEONE PICK IT UP OFF THE GROUND DAM SHAME …

    • Guest on May 24, 2014 at 6:36 am

      All this just to say, you disagree, with what happened.

      Hispanic people want to be White,which we are not going to let happen. So why are Black People concerned with non-Black issues. We Whites are not concerned.