Documentary on interracial dating, ‘The Swirl’ released by Moguldum Studios


Moguldom Studios is set to release a documentary on the somewhat taboo topic of interracial dating entitled, The Swirl.  The documentary covers the social and cultural issues related to interracial couples and forces the question “Do we live in a post-racial society?” With couples like Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa and  Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, the answer would seemingly be “yes,” but is it really?  Director and Producer, Tabari Sturdivant sought to answer those questions. Below, Sturdivant discusses how this documentary came about.

Why did Moguldom Studios decide to produce this film in particular; what about the subject matter made it something to turn into a documentary?

Moguldom owns several successful digital properties (websites); these websites give real time data on what’s trending online. After analyzing the data it becomes very clear what peaks people’s interest. Interracial dating has become a hot topic, but is still somewhat taboo. So we decided to see why people were so interested in the The Swirl.

Why did you decide to join this project in particular?

The Executive Producers felt it was a good topic for me to explore. After doing some research and talking to some friends, I got excited about the opportunity.

Do you think that interracial dating is a new trend or is it still taboo?

I don’t think there is anything new about interracial dating. While making this film, I realized that people are very curious about the topic. This film created platform for great dialog.

Do you think that people’s attitudes have evolved on the topic of interracial dating? How so?

Every generation in recent years has become more open and tolerant to the idea of dating outside their race. The Millennials are totally open. I feel this is the first generation that sees nothing wrong with mixing the races.

What surprised you the most from the interviews in the documentary with couples, as well as  those who are opposed to interracial dating?

After interviewing the couples and making this film, I realized there is no color to love.




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