Rasheeda hints that she may have cheated on Kirk Frost

Rasheeda & Kirk Frost - Cover

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost’s marriage fell apart in front of the world’s eyes last year on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” when Frost infamously cheated on Rasheeda in an on-air threesome. Since then, Frost has been struggling to not only win his wife back but redeem himself in the public eye. And although fans have placed the burden of their broken marriage squarely on Frost’s shoulders, Rasheeda recently opened up about their problems and explained that she’s no angel either.

During a recent interview with Vh1 about her latest “LHHA” spat with Frost over his desire to hire an attractive young bartender as a nanny for their newborn son, Carter, Rasheeda talked about Frost’s previous infidelity and hinted that she’d once cheated on Frost as well.

“Although we have these bumps, it’s been hella years of just really great times and beautiful marital bliss to a certain extent. I feel like I’ll work on it until you ain’t got no more fight, and even if a lot of times you might look crazy, it’s all about your own heart. It ain’t what the f— everybody’s opinion is about your marriage because people see those two minutes of a clip, and don’t see everything else that happens. They don’t know the mistakes the woman has made or anything like that and I’m not trying to take up for Kirk because we have been through it child! At the end of the day, it’s about the person’s heart, and are you trying to pull things together and praying on your situation,” Rasheeda said.

When asked directly if she’d cheated on Frost, she replied, “Not in our marriage, I have not.”

When asked, once again, if she’s ever cheated on Frost, she reiterated that she never has in their marriage, implying again that infidelity was an issue before they tied the knot.

“I haven’t in the marriage. Things aren’t always perfect and people make mistakes. What I will say is I have not done anything in the marriage. [That’s why] the paternity test situation, I really feel like that s— was totally disrespectful and pissed me off to the utmost. You know men do stupid s— because of insecurities within them. Not because of me. I haven’t done anything. When you talk to Kirk you ask him ‘What has Rasheeda done to make you feel like you would need to do that?’ The answer is nothing,” Rasheeda explained.

Well, if Rasheeda did cheat before she and Frost got married, maybe that explains why he was so adamant about his suspicion that she got pregnant with Carter with another man. – nicholas robinson



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