Author Eunique Jones Gibson remembers Maya Angelou


Eunique Jones Gibson is the author and creator of “Because of Them We Can,” a campaign that used photographs of children dressed as iconic figures in black culture. The campaign is designed to celebrate the heritage of African Americans through its future — the youth. One figure that was among those honored was poet laureate Maya Angelou, who passed away today at the age of 86.

With news of the iconic writer and activist’s death, Gibson wanted to share what Angelou meant to her work and her life.

“Maya Angelou was more than an icon, she was a voice,” states Gibson. “She was like everyone’s distant aunt who you could turn to and get a gem through her words that could change your perspective and ultimately your life.

“It’s so important for us to hold onto her examples in order to pass them on to future generations,” she continued. “We won’t get gems like this from the individuals we hail or stalk in pop culture today. And yet these are the gems that have transformative power. Maya Angelou was a rose and it is our responsibility to make sure that even through death, her fragrance lives on.”


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