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Certified personal trainer Greg Jones has the formula for the perfect client

greg jones

What is your official title in the health and fitness industry?
My title is fitness professional. While I am a certified personal trainer, I prefer the title fitness professional because it speaks to the entirety of what I do. Personal trainer generally only refers to the physical piece, while myself and other staff members cover much more than that.

Please share information about your education and certifications.
I graduated with my B.S. in Sports Medicine and certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

What motivated you to go into fitness?
As a collegiate athlete, I’ve always been into fitness but it wasn’t until after I helped a college friend get into shape for a trip that I realized I had a gift for helping others and sharing my fitness knowledge.

What does success look like to you when it comes to your clients?
Success is seeing my clients make the mental and physical transformation. In most cases, only the physical is recognized but it takes unlearning bad habits, learning good habits, and building the confidence in yourself to tackle new challenges. That’s when the physical transformation comes.

What has been your biggest accomplishment?
Being selected as the official trainer of the Miss United States Intercontinental Pageant and being selected as one of the best personal trainers by Washington City Paper in 2013.

Who is the perfect client?
Regardless of size, age, or goal, the client that is willing to put in the necessary work to reach their goal is the perfect client.

What makes your company’s style unique?
We are more than just a group of fitness junkies. We embody the title of fitness professionals to the T. Some companies have trainers that have fitness knowledge but aren’t great communicators and some may have great communicators but aren’t up to date in their fitness knowledge. We at Elite Fitness Pros staff trainers who not only look the part, but are knowledgeable and have the interpersonal skills to pass that knowledge to our clients.

We also provide several services such a as fitness boxing and custom nutritional planning but will even travel to you for one-on-one and small group sessions.

What has been the most difficult challenge?
With fitness being a hot topic amongst people today, and living in the information age, the market is heavily saturated and filled with misinformation. It often becomes difficult to filter all of the misconceptions and quick fixes to clients and teach them the tools that will allow them to live a full and healthy life

What are three goals you have for your business?
1) To expand our fitness footprint within the Washington, Maryland and Virginia areas.
2) To increase the awareness and stress the importance of health and fitness on a national scale
3) To continue to help others and lead the effort in a 100,000 pounds weight loss challenge.

What is the best way to reach you?
I can be reached through my company’s website at