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Maya Angelou disrespected by ignorant 911 dispatcher moments before dying


Moments before taking her last breath, Maya Angelou was disrespected by an ignorant 911 dispatcher. According to Journal Now, emergency dispatcher John Ruckh held a conversation about Oprah Winfrey and race while Angelou’s caregiver was on the phone.

During the 911 call when Angelou‘s caregiver speaks of her illness, Ruckh can be heard in the background discussing Winfrey and racism. Ruckh said “Oprah has fallen out of grace” because of comments she made about ongoing racism. Winfrey believes that older racists will have to die before the mentality of racism becomes obsolete.

Ruckh, who is white, chose the worst time to make such an ignorant statement. As a national treasure was dying, Ruckh shared an opinion that had racist undertones. He somehow believes that people aren’t interested in Oprah these days because she presented an honest thought on how a racist mentality is perpetuated.

Ruckh has the right to believe what he wants to believe, but he should’ve focused on helping Angelou instead of ranting about Oprah.

Unfortunately, Angelou had to be in the presence of an idiot during her final moments on Earth.

Ruckh was suspended with pay for the comments.

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