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Maxwell talks about his musical formula and upcoming album


Maxwell has been keeping a low profile since being forced to cancel his 2012 tour due to vocal swelling and hemorrhaging.

The soul singer from Brooklyn, New York, has healed and is on the comeback trail. As he prepares both a 40-city tour and the latest album in his summers’ night trilogy, Maxwell tells Rolling Stone that as far as his music goes, he ignores trends and sticks to the tried and true:

“… I still work with the same people. Stuart Matthewman, Hod David, my manager I’ve known since I was 19. So it’s the same group. I feel like the Rolling Stones, you know. We’re like this band. I don’t deviate from working with them. I stay true and loyal. And I think because they knew me before things happened, they know where I need to be for the next progression.”

When talking about the new LP, Maxwell says it will be along the same lines but with a little twist:

“You know, the best way to say it without giving too much away is that you’ll find the titles … there’s a flipside to the titles in the first and the second. A run-on sentence, maybe? If there was “Pretty Wings” then there’d be something else, you know what I mean? But it would tie in somehow.”

Maxwell will embark upon a 40-show tour this summer beginning June 14.

Fans can expect the next part of his album trilogy, blackSUMMERS’night, later this year.