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Protective hairstyles about more than braids and buns


Naturally busy women — this post is for you. Managing your daily can be harder than cement. Free up some of your time by not doing your hair. Yes, you read that right. Protective styling is in and it’s about more than wearing braids and buns. It’s about keeping your hair healthy, away from heat, hydrated and giving it a break from daily tugging and pulling. Pompadour styles (where vintage meets modern), updos and twists are favored, especially for naturalistas or girls on their journey to natural hair.

Finding a protective style that works for you is a snap, especially with a little help from our pretty picture guide. Here are our top 10 must-try styles for you to feast your eyes on. Bookmark or Pin this post, show it to your hair stylist or try it yourself, just remember to use all-natural hair products from brands like Miss Jessie’s, Mixed Chicks, Kinky-Curly, Shea Moisture, Carol’s Daughter and Dark and Lovely’s Au Naturale or else you’ll be defeating the purpose of “protecting” your crown.


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  2. CharlieStarr on June 4, 2014 at 10:26 pm

    Sooo, this provided no actual how to, could’ve been more informative.

  3. Stacy on June 8, 2014 at 2:27 pm

    The first two pictures are the same. One of the pictures is a twistout. Once the twists are taken apart, it’s not a protective style anymore. Some captions would have been nice to know what kind of style we are viewing. #11 contradicts the title. It’s her hair pulled up in sections with synthetic hair wrapped around it. It’s that a bun? Also when you mention “all-natural” hair products, are saying hair products for natural hair, or products with natural ingredients? I think the writer meant the first definition but wrote the second.