Drunk in love and smoking pot? You’re hurting your sperm!


A new study has found that men who smoke pot prior to ejaculation have abnormal sperm. The science called sperm morphology indicates that the sperm don’t move as fast or may be abnormally shaped. The study was carried out at the University of Sheffield in England.

For the study, a control group of 2,000 men from 14 fertility clinics across the company were gathered. The men were asked very detailed questions about their activities and pot usage was a variable that appeared amongst the participants. According to the study’s lead researcher, Dr. Allan Pacey, “We weren’t really interested in [pot angle] at all. We were interested in trying to best define the risks of sperm quality. We recruited [a couple thousand] guys, who gave us a sperm sample and allowed us to investigate aspects of their lives … it was just one of the things we asked if they did; it was no more detailed than that.”

The study showed that the sperm of pot smokers produced abnormal shaped sperm. This is troubling because the shape of sperm also determines how the DNA package from the father is delivered. Dr. Pacey goes on to state, “When sperm are made, the DNA they maintain has to be packaged in the head very tightly, and when that process doesn’t work properly, you get an abnormal sperm. So the cannabis may be interrupting that DNA folding.”

Other risk factors that are included within this abnormal sperm pathology are tobacco use and alcohol consumption. According to researchers, it takes approximately 3 months to produce a sperm cell. So men who are trying to have healthy babies should lead a healthy lifestyle. In addition, Dr. Pacey stated “The single thing that affects fertility is how big your testicles are. If you’re blessed with big testicles, you’ll produce more sperm.”

So black men especially — be very careful if you’re drunk in love.

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