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Music » Solange pushing Beyoncé to leave Jay Z?

Solange pushing Beyoncé to leave Jay Z?

Solange & Beyonce - MET Gala cover

Bad press has been following Jay Z and Beyoncé ever since Solange’s infamous attack on Jay in an elevator, with rumors claiming that the fight was over Jay’s alleged infidelity. In recent weeks, Jay has been romantically tied to not only designer Rachel Roy, the ex-wife of his former BFF Damon Dash, but also a hostess at a swanky NYC lounge. Now, rumors are claiming Solange still hasn’t forgiven Jay and that she’s pushing Beyoncé to leave him.

According to Life & Style, Beyoncé and her family are intent on maintaining the image of a picture-perfect family, even if her marriage is falling apart behind closed doors.

“Beyoncé is extremely careful about her image, and everything she does is thought out and planned,” a family insider claimed. “She is obsessed with them appearing as the perfect family.”

The insider claims that things have gotten so bad between the couple that it’s doubtful that their marriage will survive.

“It’s been really rocky for them,” says the insider. “There is trouble in paradise. Divorce is inevitable — and Beyoncé’s only option.”

There’s no proof, besides the Solange incident, that there’s trouble in paradise, but if the two do split up, things could get messy as they try to divide a combined fortune of nearly $900 million and work out a custody agreement over their daughter, Blue Ivy. –nicholas robinson


  1. Greg Higgs on June 11, 2014 at 5:17 pm

    Personally, I don’t understand how Solange has so much to say and influence in the Jay-Z Beyonce marriage. Last time I checked, Jay-Z was married to Beyonce…NOT Solange! As a married man, I am obligated to make decisions and do what I feel is best for myself and my immediate family (Wife, Children) A Sister-in-Law DOESN’T come into the picture here!

    If I were Jay-Z, I would strictly limit Solange from my activities and presence and be about the business of building and maintaining MY marriage! This isn’t the first time a jealous sibling has attempted to co-opt another sibling’s marriage or success to benefit themselves.

    And furthermore; that ugly, shocking display of violence from Solange was just plain disgusting! I would have a restraining order against her and charge her with assault and have her sent to anger management therapy! I would also hire astute security bodyguards to keep her away from me at ALL times. The next time she tries getting violent against me, I would have her TAZED and handcuffed and brought to the nearest Psychiatric Hospital Emergency Room and held for 72 hours!

    This seems to be another case of African-American female dysfunction running amok again while doing major damage to those around her! Solange is a TOXIC presence who seems narcissistically disordered and out of control. She needs to be medicated and put in a Time-Out in a padded cell.

    • lou on June 11, 2014 at 5:25 pm

      woow brother its not all that serious a lot of men , are quick to jump on solange , but many of men done ripped ass for someone messing with their sister , so why does a female have to be ready for a pschiotic wared

      • KiraGatesonuci on June 12, 2014 at 12:09 pm

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      • Greg Higgs on June 12, 2014 at 4:06 pm

        Actually, it is that serious! Solange could have seriously injured Jay-Z or her Sister or any of the other people in the elevator! SHE WAS KICKING JAY-Z WITH A HIGH-HEELED SHOE NEAR HIS GROIN! The point is, there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for physical violence here! THAT IS SERIOUS! She was trying to hurt Jay-Z!

        As for “Why does a female have to be ready for the psych ward?” Because when they behave irrationally, violently, and without regard for anyone around them, that says they are not being rational and require restraint! In our society, that means Law Enforcement or Psychiatric Intervention. And since Solange is known to have psychiatric impairments, it is appropriate to refer her to psychiatric intervention.

        Solange in fact stated she had “Mental Issues” when she cancelled her upcoming European tour. Simply put,…SOLANGE IS CRAZY! But she is ALSO DANGEROUS!

        If Jay-Z wanted to go to another party…HE HAS THE RIGHT and the FREEDOM TO DO SO! H doesn’t have to answer to her! He can come and go where he pleases! Where does she get off behaving like he answers to her OR her sister…HIS WIFE? Last time I checked…Jay-Z was a grown ass man! He can do what he wants or not! IT’S HIS PREROGATIVE!

        ALSO, He was doing her no harm at all! Why is she attacking him? There’s not excuse for that…PERIOD!

    • Aniyah Sydney Renne Tifari on June 11, 2014 at 7:39 pm

      Well said

      • Greg Higgs on June 12, 2014 at 4:07 pm


      • Marlyce on June 14, 2014 at 11:27 am

        Everything was well said UNTIL the Afro-American female remark. You’re statement, Greg Higgs, is as racially bias, stereotypical, ugly, and has a violent undertone as was the “ugly, shocking display of violence from Solange”. You, my sir, are showing no better common sense than Solange did in that elevator.

  2. lou on June 11, 2014 at 5:42 pm

    WOW WEE WOW , I Dont agree with greg higgs post because a many of men have beat the hell out of their brother and law and sisters boyfriend for allegedly cheating or beating on their family, so men need to stop being so one sided in the issue.. beyonce and jay z has marriage problems but its no ones business, but thats how family is its call sticking your neck out . wrong or right poor people do it and rich people .. i rather it be from the heart than over money , your stretching it to think that solange did that for financial gains ., not saying anything was financial gain , playing the stand byer is financial, jayz though by him farthering solanges career she owed him a hushed zip lip , if solange wanted to ruin them she dam SHOW HAS BETTER AMMUNITION THAT TAKING A SHOE OFF ON A NIGA OKKKKK . she aint the first to step up and defend her sister . black men are so hung up on all the women black they had was bad experience . thats a personal problem all black men ARE NOT DISPLEASED WITH SISTERS ,YOU SMALL HAND FULL ARE INCARCERATED , BEHIND IN CHILD SUPPORT ,OR DATING WHITE WOMEN HOPING FOR BETTER LOVE .. LOL
    i feel sorry for black men cause the only women ever truely had their backs is black women what the hell is your MOMA ??? YOU FOOLS
    if you say all black women are trouble you really either hate your own mother ,or grew up being beat down at school by black females laughted at and called buckey teeth, pimple face fool so some men have been dogged by women . but if relationships fail , god please IT AINT ALWAYS BLACK WOMEN YOU NEED TO BLAME . THAT IS WHY ALL THE STERIO TYPE OF BLACK WOMEN IS BY BLACK MEN .. and white people who never even spent a day with a black female . maya angelo is black , angela basset is black , oprah winfrey is black ! gail king is black , alfre woodard is black , michelle obama is black , iyana vanzant a positive spiritual sister is black .. but so is nene leaks who some black men dispise , just cause she tell it like it is .. if you short with a big nose and small penis nene gonna confront you a white woman will take your dam money and send your ass packing . lol
    so i rather have the black woman.
    if you seek truth and understand of who you are you better stop running from black women be a man accept your issue with black women and stop starting out with shenqua from the hood with 4 kids .
    and find a black queen like some white men are smart enough to do .
    on the other hand BACK TO BEYONCE ..
    SHE NEED to come off her high horse and accept she is black beautiful and dont have to be a black mans white woman to be respected all that weave , short shit , nudity in her concert and deporing her self she does for jayz .. she didnt do all that when her daddy managed her .. her father must be sitting back smiling and crying at the same time . .he did right he didnt battle her he stayed out of it . cause he knew beyonces day was gonna come .. anytime you send a ballon to high up in the sky it will burst and come back down and slap you in the face .
    they are human if a divorce is what she need , hell she got the money to get rid of him and have plenty left . she would have to pay him cause most of the assets is hers …she was touring while he was doing small kanye west appearances .. touring is hard on a couple and i said it the moment .I SAW HIM FOLLOWING HER EVERY WHERE MANAGING HER EVERY MOVE .I SAID THEN IT WAS OVER . CAUSE A MARRIAGE IN THE REAL WORLD DONT LAST WHEN SOMEONE START CONTROLLING YOUR EVERY MOVE . he was doing to much following her to every fashion show every birhday party , every oprah interview there he was in the back seat … hell no dam wonder he went out and cheated to much of a good thing to him . and he used his power to be greedy and try to lavish the most beautiful females out here some look as good as beyonce and better to me .
    stacy dash is better looking than bey i heard he tried for her before beyonce and she flat turned him down . so she aint missin a dam thing AS YOU SEE .


    • Greg Higgs on June 12, 2014 at 4:40 pm

      @GUEST— It’s time you stopped with the denial and face reality! We have ALL seen African-American women acting a fool and hysterically unhinged in our communities. JUst turn on the MAURY Show and you can see it yourself. My point is this…Solange resorted to drinking in excess…which she has been known to do…OFTEN! Solange has SERIOUS mental health issues and diagnoses…CONFIRMED!

      Do NOT try to distract or turn away from this specific issue! We’re NOT talking about Kanye West or child support courts, or ANYTHING ELSE except this situation NOW! STAY ON POINT! Solange was behaving in a violent,dangerous manner and could have seriously hurt somebody…including herself!

      NO ONE SAID ANYTHING ABOUT ME HATING BLACK WOMEN OR SAYING ALL BLACK WOMEN WERE TROUBLE! YOU SAID THAT! THE reality is there are a lot of women hoe have serious behavioral problems which require intervention and treatment.

      Unfortunately, these women are steeped in denial and can’t get the help they need! Or until something tragic happens like she tries to drive herself and her children into the ocean!

      Or she drives her children 5 states away to the White House screaming like a maniac about the President shooting microwaves into her brain.

      Or she’s tired of washing dishes so she throws her sleeping children out of the window.

      Or she goes on Facebook and asks some anonymous person to come to her house to get drunk and have sex with her in exchange for paying her cellphone bill and afterwards to kidnap her and shoot and kill her entire family.


      For some reason, A LOT of Sisters believe we are ALL supposed to OVERLOOK THE FACT that she’s SCREAMING AT THE MOON CRAZY, OUT OF HER MIND and OUTTA CONTROL and needs to be Tranked out and put in restraints…WE’RE SUPPOSED TO overlook that!

      This has happened to too many Men, Too many Families, Too many Children and too many Females! …Like Solange! Let’s be real here! Being mentally unstable is NOT a character flaw! BUT IT IS A REALITY!


  3. lou on June 12, 2014 at 1:38 pm

    solange could have ruined them if she wanted to that was not the bases of this fight she was;nt trying to be vindictive with them . she is not that type . she struck at him cause of something that went down ,and no telling what he said , and trust me it aint going away this shows you how tight beyonce and jayz keeps their affairs . now with blue ivy under the radar with the hair complaints , primarily because they first kept their business private now they want to make blue ivy a star , the name they gave her, is signafication of that, i dont see why jayz and beyonce dont hire a nanny to do things with blue, they are scared and dont want to trust anyone with her, and it cause beyonce has had death threats , and no body gonna run up and harm that baby with jayz there . all celebritiies face danger when they bring their kids out like that, the hair complaints is proof they need to put blue ivy in daycare, and just do vacation with her ..they are worst than will and jada, they are not protecting this baby by exposing her to flashing lights , screaming photograhphers , and all j
    they should have been complained on earlier when blue was real young but cause of the fact they are king and queen of nothing they had privilege that is deminishing right now .
    now they are forced to comb blues hair or keep facing scrutiny form a public that believes that that fight was cover up and shows that they are hiding a lot so shit not their fault we place them on this pedastool and now we see how they have fooled us all .

  4. jamiepeters333 on June 12, 2014 at 6:33 pm

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