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Turk on infamous Baby/Lil Wayne kiss: ‘That’s just something we did’


Former Hot Boy Turk says the infamous picture of Baby and Lil Wayne kissing is no big deal because they all used to do it.

During a recent interview with Vlad TV, when asked about the kissing photo, Turk says it was a in-house thing:


“That’s just something n***as did in-house. Just like when n***a’s play basketball, n***a might make a shot, n***a hit him on his a**. That don’t mean he a f**, that means ‘good job’,” contends Turk. “We all used do that s**t. That was an in-house thing. N***as used to be like, ‘You got love for a n***a? How much you love me?’ It just was a homeboy thing.”

Turk went on to explain that while he wouldn’t partake in the kissing ritual now, back then it stemmed from the guys, with the exception of Juvenile, looking at Baby as a father figure:

“We was all like Baby’s kids at one time. He took us from our momma when we were young, so he was like a big brother/daddy for the ones who ain’t have it,” says Turk. “Only one that [Baby didn’t play the role for] was Juvenile, because even though his name was Juvenile, he was old. So he didn’t look at Baby the way we did.”

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