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‘Game of Thrones’ recap: ‘The Children’ season finale (spoilers)

Game of Thrones

For hard-core “Game of Thrones” fans, tonight justice was served on many levels and loose ends were tied up. In the beginning scene we see Jon Snow leave Castle Black to negotiate with Mance Raydar, The King Beyond the Wall. His mission is peace or to kill Manse if the chance presents itself. But just as he makes a move to kill Mance, Stannis Baratheon and his forces attack the Wildling Camp, cutting them down and forcing Mance to surrender.

In King’s Landing: “The Mountain” is laid out on a slab in Grandmeister Pycelle’s lab not quite dead. Pycelle insists that nothing can be done and yet Qyburn says he can save “The Mountain.” Cersie tells Qyburn to save him at all costs, reasoning he would make a strong champion for her in the future.

Cersie tells her father she will not marry and confesses to incest with her brother. She tells Lord Tywin she will bring down House Lanister by revealing it in public if her father forces the marriage. She then goes off and has sex with her brother.

In Meereen: Dany Targaryen has to deal with people who want to be re-enslaved. On top of that her dragon Drogon has burned and eaten a little girl. She has to make the decision to chain two of her dragons in the catacombs of the city, Meanwhile Drogon is missing, perhaps realizing like a bad pet, he did something wrong.

Brienne and her squire Podrick finally find Arya Stark and “The Hound”. A bloody fight ensues and Brienne beats the Hound and sends him hurtling over a cliff. The fight scene is perhaps one of the most intense and brutal fights portrayed in the series, Arya hides during the fight and evades Brienne and Pod searching. Later Arya finds the Hound dying in pain from his wounds and fall. He begs her to kill him, but she takes his moneybag and leaves him to die in agony.

But perhaps the most anticipated storyline this season was resolved. Tyrion is rescued from his cell by his brother Jamie. But before he leaves the castle he sneaks into the bedroom of his father. He finds Shae naked in his father’s bed and he strangles her. He then finds his father using the toilet and shoots him dead with a crossbow.