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Iggy Azalea to get the ‘Weird’ Al Yankovic treatment

Iggy Azalea hair_Joi Pearson Photography proof-11

They say you know you’ve made it as a recording artist when “Weird” Al Yankovic wants to spoof you; so it looks like Iggy Azalea has officially become a star.

The Australian rapper with the Dirty South accent will likely be the next pop culture victim of music’s greatest parody artist. According to TMZ, Al made his way to an Iggy concert earlier this month and approached her backstage, asking if she would mind if he recorded one of her songs. TMZ claims Iggy said she’ll get licensing fee money from Al’s spoof, so she agreed. But truthfully, parodies don’t have to pay licensing fees.

Yankovic has remained famous for more than 30 years for his goofball parodies of pop hits. Over the years he’s taken aim at countless superstars and hit singles; from Michael Jackson to Nirvana to R. Kelly and T.I.