Tiffany Foxx celebrates ‘King Foxx’ release in New York City


Tiffany Foxx has been climbing the ladder to hip-hop stardom for the last couple of years. She releases her latest mixtape, King Foxx today; and the sexy St. Louis native spoke to rolling out about her sound and shared her perspective on the perceptions of women in hip-hop.

“Midwest girls just got a whole different swag. We been through some stuff. I think St. Louis has played a major role as to who I am as an individual. I’m from the grimy part of North St. Louis. I think people need to hear the real. Girls need something to uplift them and let them know that they can be empowered. I’m talking about real s—.”

She’s a prolific tweeter and constantly posts pics on Instagram; so Foxx is a big fan of social media.

“I love the fact that we have social media!” Foxx says with a laugh. “I just love the outlet and platform that it gives me to show my personality. They get Tiffany raw and free.”

“Working with Lil Kim taught me how to be strong and it definitely introduced me to the mainstream market,” Foxx explains. Aside from her sisterhood with the Queen Bee, Foxx admits that there isn’t a lot of bonding amongst female rappers. “I would describe the current climate with women in hip-hop as real dry. We need more support and we need to support each other. How realistic is that? I’m not sure. I do my part. I try to reach out and collaborate. But there’s only so much I can do. Shouts out to everybody that’s doing it because this is a beast.”

“It is rivalry between female emcees [just like] there is between male emcees,” she says. “But they still know how to co-exist. They’ll get into a fight and get on a song together the next month. Girls are very territorial, girls are very catty and they think with their emotions. I am the total opposite. That’s why I like to be compared to the guys. Whatever you say about me, I pay that no mind until you address me in my face or say my name. But I think we hurt each other with all of this drama and rivalry.”

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