102-year-old woman faces murder charge after killing her 100-year-old roommate


A 102-year-old woman could be facing a murder charge and jail after killing her 100-year-old roommate. According to Associated Press, Laura Lundquist strangled Elizabeth Barrow by tying a plastic bag around her head.

Lundquist, who suffers from dementia, believed that Barrow was trying to take over their room at a nursing home. Lundquist apparently wanted Barrow’s bed because it was by the window. Barrow and her late husband occupied the room before his death and Lundquist eventually moved into the room in 2007.

Barrow’s son asked nursing home staff to separate the women, but they insisted that the women maintained a good friendship. They said the two women were offered room changes twice, but they declined the offer.

Lundquist was placed in a mental institution after prosecutors initially charged her with second-degree murder for the attack that occurred in 2009. But prosecutors never pursued the case  because they believed she was too incompetent to stand trial at the time.

However, they recently revealed that the case remained on the books and Lundquist could face a murder trial if she is found to be competent enough for a trial.

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