FIFA update: Uruguay player takes a bite out of Italian opponent

Luis Suarez
Luis Suárez

In a strange incident at the FIFA World Cup for soccer, Uruguayan player Luis “the cannibal” Suárez, lived up to his name and bit another player. Italian player Giorgio Chiellini grimaced in pain and collapsed to the ground as Suárez, in full view of the crowd, bit Chiellini on the shoulder. Then Suárez fell to the ground grabbing his mouth and teeth as if he was in pain. Apparently no referee saw the incident and took no action against Suárez even after Chiellini pulled down his jersey and showed the bite mark on his shoulder.

So far, no one in soccer world is calling this an accident because Suárez has done this before. He bit an opponent in a 2010 game and also in a 2013 game. He served a suspension of 10 games last year when he was playing for a London team. In that game he bit opposing player Branislav Ivanovic.

FIFA vice-president Jim Boyle stated, “There is no doubt Luis Suárez is a fantastic footballer but, once again, his actions have left him open to severe criticism.” FIFA disciplinary committee opened an investigation against Suárez who can face a ban from two games to two years in the sport. Italy lost the game to Uruguay 1-0.


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