Benzino slams Joseline Hernandez for threatening his fiancée

Benzino & Althea - Cover

Benzino and Joseline Hernandez have had a very terse relationship over the years. Although this season on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” it seemed that the two frenemies had mended fences for the sake of Stevie J, Benzino recently slammed Hernandez online and warned her to stop threatening his fiancée, Althea Heart.

All season long, Hernandez has been suspicious of Heart’s past, calling Heart “H–thea” for sleeping with Nikko and her own husband, Stevie J. Well, it looks like Benzino has finally had enough of Hernandez’s negative comments because, according to, yesterday he posted a photo of Hernandez’s old mug shot and called her an “animal.”

Joseline Hernandez - Mugshot

“Can someone please tell me why this animal keeps threatening my girl on TV? She went from a stripper to a streetwalking prostitute to a escort and now a reality star, Althea has never once said anything bad about her, but trust the GREENSCREEN GANGSTA wint [sic] lay a finger on her,” Benzino said.

“I can take the jokes and insults but when she keeps talkin bout violence is where I draw the line, she need to go get her GED and uplift herself cause her music is lacking. I feel sorry for Sleazo, violence will not be tolerated,” Benzino warned.

Benzino also took time to address the fans who have been critical of his fiancée, writing a long Instagram message defending his girl.

“This will be the LAST time I address this because at the end of the day, I appriciate [sic] the FANS of the SHOW, you can have your opinons [sic], but please stop with the insults, because all that does is make you guys look mean spirited and somewhat immature, SO READ THESE 5 QUESTIONS AND LOOK IN THE MIRROR, WE ARE ALL GODS CHILDREN, WE ARE NOT PERFECT, AND IN THIS EXISTENCE TOGETHER, LETS TRY AND SUPPORT AND BUILD EACH OTHER UP AND IT WILL BE A BETTER PLACE FOR EVERYBODY. Ps THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE POSITIVE THINGS TO SAY, IT SHOWS THE TYPE OF PERSON YOU ARE AND HOW YOUR LIVING YOUR LIFE!! IN THE WORD OF @debra4mizay NO RECKLESS POSTING! THE INTERNET WAS MADE TO CONNECT US FOR POSISITVE [sic] NOT NEGATIVE!” he wrote.

Hernandez has yet to publicly respond to the diss but we’re sure we’ll eventually hear an incendiary response from the Puerto Rican princess. – nicholas robinson

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