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Tyrese and Taraji P. Henson’s cutest Instagram photos

taraji tyrese instagram 4

Tyrese and Taraji P. Henson fans have been jocking their relationship since their early days in Hollywood, and they haven’t let up yet. Maybe if the two didn’t take such cute Instagram photos together, no one would wonder what was really going on between them.

Henson sure loves to reminisce about those good old Baby Boy days. On Instagram, you can tell her messages have a lot of extra love behind them. While she takes pictures with many of her co-workers, her and Tyrese‘s photos are often taken in private settings or around close friends.

“Loved ones, Kindred spirits” claims Tyrese? Being one of the few single celebrity ladies that the TGT member is routinely connected to, we know their relationship goes a lot deeper than “just friends.” The fans love Henson and Gibson as a couple as much as they love each other, so what’s the hold up?

While they continue to string us along, take a look at Tyrese and Taraji‘s cutest Instagram photos.