Trainer Greg Jones discusses the benefits of a customized fitness and nutrition plan using technology

greg jones 2 Today’s world is based around fast-paced lifestyles, highly accessible content, and cool new features. Equally, the things we do and tools we use cater to that same type of lifestyle. So why should your personal training program be any different? Shouldn’t you have a custom fitness program that allows for flexible scheduling and access to your workouts anytime and anywhere? The benefits of having a customized fitness and nutrition program tailored to your scheduling needs and goals are becoming more and more apparent. However, fighting through traffic to get to the gym or not having access to your training plan can make this process a burden.

Fortunately, companies like Elite Fitness Pros offer a modern way for clients to enjoy fitness success by bridging the gap between technology and fitness with Online Personal Training. Using an online questionnaire and voice-over-IP services like Skype to conduct one-on-one consultations, certified trainers talk through your fitness and nutrition needs and determine the best way to reach your personal goal(s).

The website and mobile app allow them to construct your custom workouts and allows you to access them whenever and wherever you like. With detailed instructions, picture and video examples of your exercises, and a messaging feature, you will always know exactly what to do, while having access to your trainer. With such great features available to deliver high-quality, accessible, and low-cost fitness programs, there is no reason why you shouldn’t allow your trusted fitness professional to help simplify your fitness journey (and reduce your excuses) through the use of advanced technology. –greg jones – certified personal trainer.

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