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Keep your bikini figure this summer with these skinny cocktail recipes from Las Vegas’ mixologists

Poolside at Liquid

Poolside at Liquid

You’ve been training really hard to keep that bikini figure and want to look as good as those ladies with the teeny-weeny waists who hang out at A-list day and pool parties at LIQUID and DAYLIGHT in Vegas, but you don’t want to pass up a good cocktail. Well you don’t have to. There are some diet-friendly, skinny cocktails crafted by Light Group sure to delight your palate.

Pleasing your appetite with recipes from marquee Vegas restaurants won’t interfere with maintaining your figure. They’re easy to make at home or to indulge in while there and will keep you in bathing suit shape while not missing a second of all the poolside fun.

Check out the skinny cocktail recipes below.

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