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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ episode 10 best moments

Scrappy Apologizes To Bambi

Scrappy Tries To Get Bambi Back

Despite the fact that Scrappy previously said he’s not in love with Bambi, he meets up with Yung Joc and Kirk and reveals to them that he misses Bambi and wants her back. They both advise him to drop Erica Pinkett and any other “side chick” as a friend, and Joc confesses that he just thinks Scrappy misses sex with Bambi. Scrappy promises to cut things off with Erica, and later on he drops by Bambi’s house to surprise her with a puppy. Bambi is happy about the dog and says she misses Scrappy, but she doesn’t miss the drama with him and his mom. When Scrappy asks if they can have sex, she turns him down and says he has to date her before they get back in bed together.


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